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CO1 Methods of Operating the Comptometer
This manual covers  the Model 'H'. The copper colored machine. 51 pages

CO2 Easy Instructions for Operating the Controlled Key Comptometer
This manual covers the newer Models 922 & 3D11 as well as Models J,K&M

CO3 Methods of Operating the Comptometer $16.00

CO4 "Stop to Think" The Comptometer "Quicker than Thought"
This manual is also for the "Macroni Box" machine. It has operating instructions. Also has list of accounts that purchased the machine, many customer testimonies, and a price list of 4 different models

CO5 Applied Mechanical Arithmetic as Practiced on the Comptometer
Has over 600 pages of Mathematical applications that can be performed on the Comptometer

CO6 Easy Instructions for Operating the "Key Controlled" Comptometer Adding and Calculating Machine
An instruction book for the "Copper Colored" Model H. Circa 1920

CO7 Comptograph "Victor" Model 12ML Adding Machine
Disassembly and assembly instruction and parts catalog

CO8 Felt's Comptometer 1887 Patent:
4 Wonderful Drawings - 6 pages operational detail.  Printed on very nice paper.

CO9 Service Manual for Model 'H' and Other Early Models Comptometer Key Drive Calculator

CO10 Operators Manual for the Comptometer Educator

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