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Item # Product Name Price

DP7 Instructions - The Use and Care of All Models of Hammond Typewriters. Circa 1900 $7.00

DP7A Instruction for the Hammond Typewriters No. 2 and 12 $7.00

DP7B The Multiplex Hammond Typewriters (Many Pictures and Type Styles) $7.00

DP7C Hammond Typewriter Type Styles (Over 100 illustrated) $7.00

ADH2 Hammond Typewriter Advertisement. Dated 1923. Printed on Glossy Paper $7.00

ADH3 Hammond Typewriter No. 2 Advertisement. Dated 1891. Printed on Glossy Paper $2.00

ADH5 Hammond 'Multplex' Typewriter Advertisement. 2 ads on sheet. Dated 1918/18. Printed on Glossy Paper. $2.00

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