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OD1 Operating Instructions of the Odhner "Auto-Multiplier" XX-11-C
This is the Odhner Adder with the multiplier keys up the right side of the keyboard. This manual has very nice pictures of several other 'Facit' products.

OD2 Original-Odhner Model 227 Operators Instruction Manual
In Swedish. Printing in 1959. Has instructional pictures and math examples.

OD3 Odhner Hand Operated Calculator Operators Manual
Written in French. (Similar to)*Ernest Martin-Pg.68. Fig 37.

OD4 120ofnings-Exempel-W.T.Odhners
In Swedish. This manual was original printed in Stockholm in 1891. Operators manual for one of the very earliest Odhner Machines. Shows how to extract square root and many other interesting math examples. *Ernst Martin-Pg 12. Fig 3.

OD5 Operators Manual for Odhner Calculators Models 227, 237, 135, 125
Dated 1955. In German.

OD6 Operators Manual For Odhner Calculators Models 227,237,135,125
In English.

OD7 Parts Manual For The Hand Operated Odhner.
Contains 17 pages of exploded views of machine. Printed 1930.

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